Access to APA Information

The publication of the information of APA BME and the SI service will take place through the platform BME Data Feed, managed by BME Market Data.

The technical specifications of the connection interface and the contents format of the information managed by the APA BME system are as follows:

For further detail on fees, terms and conditions applicable to APA BME Information, please check BME Market Data’s website here.

Please check this link to access the post-trade transparency data published by APA BME.

Per user fees

In compliance with article 87.2 of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/565, BME Regulatory Services does not apply a per user fee in respect to the use of real time data published by APA BME.

The implementation of such model would imply, first a considerable increase in administrative burden, both for the data provider and for the final user; and, from the user’s side, the development, implementation and maintenance of the tools needed for managing access to data and data usage reporting, with an associated cost for the final user.

Given the scope and dimension of APA BME data, the cost of making the data available in a per user fee modality would be evidently disproportionate.

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